IP Tel
  • IP Telephony services from MacIT gives you access to advance integrations features like IM, email and browser integration features. It is the most suitable options for businesses which want to connect their computers and telephones without spending a hefty sum of money on the infrastructure. Faster IP Telephony services put direct impact on the productivity and decision making process.

  • With the help of MacIT one platform IP Telephony services, businesses can enjoy the benefits of faster communication between multiple sites. It provides a secure communication medium so your staff can talk with customers and their colleagues.

  • IM services from IP Telephony allow a faster communication and information exchange medium so people can chat in real time. One of the main advantages of IP Telephony is the overall cost reduction. Having IP Telephony services means the businesses can utilize the already existing infrastructure of telephone lines without bearing traditional deployment costs.
  • MacIT has a highly motivated team of experts who has vast experience in IP Telephony services. We provide innovative technologies and services, flexible, scalable and cost-efficient solutions to its customer base all over the country. We understand every business is different and every business has different needs. We provide customizable solutions to companies so they can only choose features which they intend to use.

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