Network Monitoring

MacIT provides state-of-the-art Network Monitoring tools and services to its clients and with the help of our proactive monitoring tools, businesses can control their network traffic and analyze the performance, security and utilization of it in real time. Our monitoring tool is smart enough to create an automatic profile of your network traffic and activities, and in case of data leakage or unauthorized access it alerts administrators.

The benefits of using Network Monitoring tool include:
  • Real time analysis of network and network traffic of different sites.
  • Monitoring all kinds of network traffic including VoIP, VoD and IPTV.
  • Monitoring user policies regularly and notifying administrators in case of unauthorized access.
  • Protect business assets like information and data from leakage and ensuring data integrity.
  • Notifying administrators about malware, virus, spyware and any kind of abnormal behavior that does not match user policies and profiles.
  • Preventing users from misusing the network resources.
  • Blocking specific protocols according to business demand; for example P2P and IM protocols.

MacIT has spent years on developing and making their network monitoring tool better for businesses of all sizes and capacity. Network Monitoring tools automatically notify administrators about any abnormality of the network, network traffic or even user behavior that may compromise the data integrity and confidentiality.

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