Cloud Disaster Recovery

Cloud Disaster Recovery services provided by MacIT allow you to manage your applications on cloud without worrying about losing your data in case of a disaster. This real-time data replication and backup process does not even affect your application performance. And storing multiple copies of data in different states and different geographical locations ensures your data would remain safe even if a disaster affects your primary location and data center.In case of a disaster, your data and cloud applications could be run again from backup in minutes. The benefits of using Cloud Disaster Recovery service includes:

Disaster Recovery Service Includes:


Reduced risk of important data and information. It also fulfils the requirements of APRA and ASIC which need every business to meet Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery requirements.


It takes only few minutes to recover the important data and information while the entire infrastructure recovery takes only few hours and your business would be operating again.


Cloud Disaster Recovery offered by MacIT is compatible with Microsoft Hyper-V as well as with VMware that is a relief for businesses running both platforms in their business infrastructure.


MacIT Cloud Disaster Recovery monitors and reports the performance of the platform and informs the team in case if any red flag arises.

Of course it is a cost-efficient solution because you don’t need physical infrastructure that makes it an operational expense rather than a capital expense.
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