Hosted Co-Lo

Hosted Co-Lo is designed and developed for business that want ultimate control over their data and equipments but don’t want to manage messy hardware like data storage equipments and networking tools. Of course businesses can enjoy using the software part and utilizing its features and receiving its benefits but they no longer have to take responsibilities and risks associated with hardware.

The Benefits of Using MacIT Hosted Co-Lo

Your own support team that is available 24/7 and specialized in dealing with all kind of hardware to keep things run smoothly.

We own and manage all hardware that makes your job much easier as you can utilize the hardware but you are not responsible for it.

With Hosted Co-Lo, you don’t have to worry about the control over hardware like network and data storage equipment.

Hosted Co-Lo is a great way to resolve the issues which traditional data centers face; for example limited storage equipment, space and even power. Rather than building an entire data center, you can use Hosted Co-Lo services. Additionally Hosted Co-Lo services could be used as backup as you can use such facility for keeping an additional copy of your data rather than using another data center for only backup.
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