Dark Fibre

MacIT provides Dark Fibre connectivity that is one of the most advanced connectivity methods nowadays. This is a point to point connectivity solution that allows businesses to communicate with the outside world with high speed and securely. We already have thousands of kilometers of Dark Fibre throughout the country that means you can connect with our Dark Fibre network at no or little deployment cost.Once you are connected with our Dark Fibre network, you can decide the performance and what kind of service you need. We offer a wide range of latest technologies and applications that you can choose according to your business needs.

The benefits of using MacIT Dark Fibre include:

It is one of the most secure and high performance methods for point to point connectivity.

Dark Fibre network is highly scalable that means it grows with the growth of your business. With no or little deployment cost, you can create your own network without investing in Dark Fibre networks.

Dark Fibre network covers a huge area and because of this extensive coverage, you can expand your company’s network on on-demand basis.

Dark Fibre is highly flexible and you can choose which equipments are suitable for your business needs.

VPN allows your staff to access company network from anywhere, anytime and more importantly without worrying about the security of important information and data. This also allows businesses to connect multiple departments located at different geographical locations with a single network.
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