MacIT provides state-of-the-art VPN services to its clients and these services are based on MPLS and QoS. We provide a fully monitored VPN at different connection speeds based on the business needs of our clients. Businesses can control their communication and information in all phases and world’s most advanced encryption standards and protocols ensure the data integrity and confidentiality.

The services provided by MacIT include:

Network management and support that is available 24/7. Networks are pre-configured that results in lesser deployment time.

With monitoring and performance reporting portals, businesses can see the performance of their networks in real time. The portal also allows network administrators to keep a keen eye on traffic and network errors all the time.

The on-demand nature of VPN services provided by MacIT enables businesses to turn on new services when they need them. This results in significantly lesser operational costs.

The infrastructure of these virtual networks is highly flexible and scalable that means businesses can add more services and sites with the growth of their operations and processes.

VPN allows your staff to access company network from anywhere, anytime and more importantly without worrying about the security of important information and data. This also allows businesses to connect multiple departments located at different geographical locations with a single network.
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