MacIT understands that every business is different and their internet needs are different from each other. That’s why instead of presenting a packaged internet infrastructure, we provide a wide range of internet related services that businesses can select according to their specific needs and demands. Of course these services are highly flexible and scalable that means you can add more services when your business and business needs grow.

We provide a wide range of methods for internet connectivity.

3G networks are highly mobile and allow businesses to access internet with fast connection speed. The download and upload speeds are 4Mbps and 1Mbps that may vary depending on the signal strength in your area.

ADSL is one of the most suitable options for home office applications because of their copper phone line based infrastructure. It provides a high value compared to the overall cost (deployment and operational costs).

SHDSL is an advanced form of ADSL that is specifically designed to fulfill business needs. This is a great option for businesses which want entry level internet access on budget.

Ethernet provides a wide range of internet speed that allows businesses to choose the connection speed according to their demand.

Fixed Wireless Ethernet provides portability and mobility as well as performance that no other method provides. Of course you can choose connection speed according to your demand.

Fiber Optic is suitable for businesses which need ultrafast internet connection. It speed varies from 1Mbps to 10Gbps.

Depending on different factors like speed, mobility, security, availability and overall performance, businesses can select these products according to their demand.
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