Enterprise Wi Fi

MacIT provides a highly flexible and secure way of connecting to the internet and Enterprise Wi-Fi is suitable for retail and corporate environment. It is a fully managed service that is specifically designed to fulfill the needs of businesses and organizations nowadays. Enterprise Wi-Fi could be deployed on single or multiple sites and the advanced monitoring tools allow administrators to keep a keen eye on the staff behavior and usage patterns.

Benefits of using Enterprise Wi-Fi include:

MacIT allows businesses to select the profile for their users to grant them specific permissions and access to the network. It also manages features based on those profiles.

Enterprise Wi-Fi is designed to be easy to use and to provide functionality as well as portability.

Advanced analytic tools and monitoring services allow administrators to analyze the behavior of staff and customers as well as their online activities and usage patterns.

Using Enterprise Wi-Fi is not just about connecting to the internet with portability but it is about an overall better online experience that only Enterprise Wi-Fi can provide.

It supports a wide range of compatible devices that increases the overall productivity of your staff.

The connection speed provided by Enterprise Wi-Fi varies depending on the specific demands of the businesses. Enterprise Wi-Fi bandwidth varies from 1Mbps to 1Gbps and businesses can upgrade their connection speed on on-demand basis.
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