Penetration Testing

Penetration Testing is about exploiting the vulnerabilities of a system to ensure the entire infrastructure is secured. Of course this is needs consent of the businesses. Our security experts simulate attack on system and after the risk identification they recommend actionable remedies to increase the effectiveness of the security protocols implemented on the system.

MacIT provides Penetration Testing services in many areas including:

We performance Penetration Testing on web applications. We use automatic tools and perform tests manually to identify weaknesses and vulnerabilities the application may possess. Penetration Testing on web application is performed from both prospective; authorized user and unauthorized attacker.

MacIT Penetration Testers perform onsite wireless security tests to review the system configurations and to ensure there are no active vulnerabilities that can compromise the integrity of the network and harm the business data in any way.

We have team of experts who have vast experience in social engineering. We perform every Penetration Testing that a highly motivated attacker might perform.

We perform DoS attacks on every web application and services used by your businesses to ensure there are no known vulnerabilities in the system.

MacIT has spent years on developing and making their network monitoring tool better for businesses of all sizes and capacity. Network Monitoring tools automatically notify administrators about any abnormality of the network, network traffic or even user behavior that may compromise the data integrity and confidentiality.
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