Hackers want to get into your system and steal your data. We want to protect you from these shady characters.

Comprehensive Strategy, Stronger Security With our IT security services, we do just that. With our comprehensive cloud security strategy, we employ the finest cyber security protocols, provide a mobile protection plan, and offer cloud backups and recovery.

Secure Email Servers and Messaging Gateways

Cloud-Based Secure Email Blocks the Bad Guys With our secure email servers and messaging gateways, we can stop more than 99 percent of email-borne spyware, spam, viruses, worms, ransomware, phishing attacks, and fraudulent emails that try to gain entrance to your network through an email. Endpoint, Testing, and Patching Security

Protection from External Risks

MacIt seeks out places where your IT security is vulnerable and fixes them, keeping your IT services running smoothly. We’ll make sure that all your workstations are protected from external risks so you can worry about your business, not your IT security.

Guarding Your IT 24/7

Security threats don’t go on holiday. That’s why MacIt provides round-the-clock security 24 hours a day, seven days of the week, every day of the year. Even holidays. Your security—our solemn promise.

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